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A little about Davina


Being originally from West Auckland, now I live in Whangaparaoa on Auckland’s beautiful Hibiscus Coast.

My spiritual journey started very early for me; I was born into a family who not only understood about spirit but also worked with it.  I have been able to see spirit from a very young age, and this is a gift that I treasure.   I remember as a child my father having people coming to the house and him reading their palm or a piece of jewelry for them, or doing some spiritual healing on them.  This was the norm in the weekends as he worked full time.  I started going with him from the age of 7 to the Spiritual Church in Avondale, it was here I got my first exposure to Healing, and Clairvoyance.  It was something that came naturally to me, and I was always told not to be afraid.


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My work with my mother started a little later, when I was a teenager.  My mother was part of the hugely successful and very busy Ghost Busters who performed clearings on homes and businesses across Auckland, they even made it to TV, and 60 minutes did a feature on them.  My mother took me along on some of these evenings and from her and some of her friends I was taught Ghost Busting or House Clearings.  This work really started me off on my direction as an Energy Worker.  The clearing away of unwanted or stagnant energy, that may prevent us from moving forward.  This is something that I now do in spiritual healing sessions, as I no longer do house clearings.

When I was in my late teens and twenties I started on my career at Auckland Airport, here I would stay for approximately 23 years, preforming the high stress, fast moving job of a freight forwarder.  This was only my day job though; I was gifted a pack of Tarot Cards during this time.  They became a passion of mine, and still are to this day.  Every reader works differently, I prefer to read with Tarot and Clairvoyance comes with them.

My journey with Reiki Healing began in 2005, and completing my training in 2011 to Master / Teacher level.  I have been a Reiki Teacher since 2011 and teach all levels of Reiki (once we are able to do workshops again, I will restart teaching) I use a lot of the techniques I have been taught over the years as well as Reiki in Spiritual Healing sessions.

Having studied in many areas to enhance my knowledge, along with spending many years sitting in Psychic Circles developing my gift.  I have also studied and have knowledge in the following;

Hypnotherapy – HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy,  HNZ Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy,  I am a Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis NZ – unfortunately due to covid restrictions this is unavailable.

Basic Herbal Medicine


Crystal Healing


Body Language

Spiritual Healing


Feng Shui

Astrology – Star Signs (This is all part of Tarot)


Manifesting – Affirmations



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